white high thermal conductive silicone grease for CPU/ power resistor

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Detailed Description
1.quick details

place of orign: Guangdong, China model number: JRF-GM280
color: white smell: weak
specifications: 1kg/tank, 2kg/tank, 4kg/tank viscosity: 180-230cps

2.product description

JRF-GM280 thermal grease has excellent thermal conductivity, good stability, and has a good wettability on the copper, aluminum surface. Due to the viscosity lower energy sufficient wetting contact surface to form very low the interface thermal resistance, which can rapidly will transfer to the radiating heat device, high efficiency of heat transfer.

3. Applications

(1)Between semiconductor and heat sink
(2).Between CPU and radiator
(3).Between the resistor and the base
(4)。Thermoelectric cooling device
(5).Temperature regulator and a mounting surface

(1) low oil yield, low volatilization rate
(2) high thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation and use stability
(3) water resistance, not curing, metal material on contact without corrosion
(5) extremely low volatilization loss, low melting, not dry
(6) non-toxic, odorless, no corrosion, stable in chemical physics properties

5. Performance and Advantages
(1)Thermal conductivity : 1.2W/m-k
(2)Thermal impedance :0.06
(3)Extremely low thermal resistance , better transmission heat
Complete wetting contact surface, improving the heat dissipation effect
(4)Safety and environmental protection, through the RoHS certification

Items Unit Metric Value Testing Method
Color --- White Visual
Smell --- Weak -------
Gravity g/ml 2.8 ± 0.1 ASTM D792
Corrosion --- None -------
Out gassing % ﹤1.0 -------
Oil Bleeding % ≤0.2 -------
Viscosity Pa.s 180---230 GB/T 10247
Dielectric Strength Kv/mm ac 4.5 ASTM D149
Dissipation Factor --- 0.4 ASTM D150
Volume Resistivity Ω·cm 6.5x1011 ASTM D257
Thermal Conductivity W/m·k 1.5 ASTM D5470
Thermal Impedance ℃-in/w 0.06 ASTM D5470
Temperature Range -45 -- 200 NA