Gr1 Titanium Linear Anode for cathodic protection

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Last Updated: 2016-12-19
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Detailed Description
Through power cable and MMO/Ti wire anode, use the method of a certain distance connection seal, linear anode achieves the purpose of cable release and transmission.

Cable transmission current through MMO wire to release protection electric field, make up the composite cathode protection auxiliary anodes。 This MMO/Ti linear anode has the following characteristics:

1. Low resistance between MMO wire and cable.

2 。 High reliability of the connection

3。 Sealing material of connection has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging。

4. Customizable Max current output

5. Reliable connector connection and quality control (Helium side leakage and conductivity test for each connector).



2 。Storage tanks;

3。High resistivity environment;

4.Water treatment industries;


Advantages :

Even distributed potential and current;

Construction Conveniently;

Less current loss;

More efficiency ;

Easy to bury anode bed;

No impact when rebuild the cathodic protection;

No more “interference, shield”problem;

Easy design and install.

Elade had developped a new conducting polymer for flexible anode after 5years research and development,(Patent No.: ZL20091035969.9). The performance had passed the function testing of NATIONAL QUALITY SUPERVISION AND TESTING CENTER for electric wire and cable, the technical parameters can meet the linear anode standard. Elade also have the full product line of flexible anode and carbon powder filling.