150QJ5-100 submersible pump

Sample Price: 500   U.S. Dollar
Minimum Quantity: 5   Unit
Production Capacity: 2000 units per month
Last Updated: 2017-01-19
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Detailed Description


1. Our pumps applied the single or double vane structure so that it can transfer sewage easily. It can transfer the fibrous matter which is with bore 5 times than pumps.

2. Seal the pumps with material tungsten carbide which is new, tough and corrosion resistant. All the same time we seal up the pumps with double-end, make it working in the oil chamber with long time safely, at least more than 8,000 hours.

3. The structure of our pumps is portable, minimum-volume, non-noise and distinct energy-saving effect. Our pumps are convenient to repair and they can work as long as been put in water, this will save the cost much.

4. We installed the leak detection sensor which is high-precision and anti-jamming in the sealed oil chamber which can protect the pumps totally.

5. We can equip the automatic safety control cabinet according to the request from customer. Protect the leak, over-temperature and over-weight totally.

6. Float switch can adjust automatic according to the liquid, it can control the start and stop of pump, need not person to operate, it is very convenient for using.

7. We can equip double guide rail automatic coupling installation system according to the needs from customer; it can be convenient for repair and installation.

8. Our pumps can be used in the range and assurance the electrical machinery will not be overload.

9. There is 2 ways for installation: fixed type automatic coupling installation system and mobile free installation system.